25 Nov

BMW M6 Hamman Motorsport

Presenting the:

Hamman Motorsport BMW M6 – E63

The Super BMW M6 gets a more aggressive makeover by Hamman Motorsport

bmw e63 m6 hamman

Gull wings are now a must for the ultimate modifications to any car especially the BMWs

bmw m6 e63 hamman

notice the wide arch front and rear fenders…

bmw m6 hamman e63

the front bumper is subtle compared to the sides and gull wing doors.

bmw m6 e63 hamman motorsport

choice of 5 spoke or multi spoke alloy wheels from Hamman Motorsport depending on your taste. Both comes in black chrome – a popular wheel color these days.

bmw e63 hamman m6

the ultimate BMW M6?

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3 Responses to “BMW M6 Hamman Motorsport”

  1. Car Tuner Says:

    those doors look a bit strange since they open out. i think they could have used regular lambo doors that go up because i would be scared to stay near or under that door when it’s up!

  2. Future Car Says:

    The M6 boasts the same muscular 500-hp 5.0-liter V10 engine as the M5, along with enhanced suspension and brakes.

  3. Best Import Car Insurance Says:

    Wow that M6 looks great! Love the color too but I’m just not a fan of lambo doors for some reason :(

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