12 Nov

BMW X6 Hamman Motorsport e71

Presenting the Special BMW X6 e71 from Hamman Motorsport Tuning

Here are pictures of the new BMW X6 e71 from Hamman Motorsport. The most distinctive part of this Hamman X6 is the front bumper spoiler. It has the Porche Cayanne look yet more sophisticated.

bmw x6 hamman motorport e71

The most creative part of the front bumper are the two rows of small white LED lamps near the fog lights on each side of the car. They are subtle yet giving the BMW X6 a detailed styling from Hamman Motorsport.

bmw hamman x6 e71

The black bulky bonnet gives the car a very musculine look

bmw e71 x6 hamman

There are choices of white rims or black rims for the BMW X6 Hamman Motorport package. The rear bumpers cuttings / designs shows off the rear Hamman Motorsport exhaust that can be seen even from the side view of the car.

bmw x6 hamman motorsport

This is a different rear bumper that accomodates the double twin exhaust system from Hamman Motorsport.

bmw hamman motorsport x6

Shown here with black Hamman Motorsport rims, they look better on the white BMW X6. This X6 is fitted with optional rooft spoiler and rear wing from Hamman.

Overall, this is a very musculine BMW X6 styled and tuned by Hamman Motorsport

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6 Responses to “BMW X6 Hamman Motorsport e71”

  1. Donz Says:

    It is by far the most sexi SUV i’ve ever seen !

  2. Gaston Says:

    hola, mi nobre es Gaston, soy de Buenos Aires Argentina, Tengo un BMW 728 i 1981 , aca los repuestos casi no se consiguen, nesesitaria mas informacion sobre mi auto y en lo posible en Castellano, muchas gracias y aguanten los BMW!!! son una verdadera obra automotriz, un saludo para todossss……
    Nestor Gaston Martinez ( Argentina)

  3. Fahad Hussain Says:

    i seriously don like it….sorry to say……wheels r so far from da body ..u know wat it means

  4. BOB BMW Says:

    Do you mean the car is not low enough?
    Well… it is an SUV, I suppose if they are lowered too much, it will defy the purpose of the SUV

  5. Car Shopping Says:


    Awesome pics of the wonderful car, rather “beautiful car” with unique features as well.


  6. Motorhomes Says:

    BMW X6 will be the best performer in the market because of new look with low price as compare to other BMW cars & most important is comfort & more specious car.

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